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Win an exclusive Nimiq Ledger Nano S

Learn more about Nimiq — The Blockchain designed for Simplicity

Nimiq is the cryptocurrency designed for simplicity. Similar to Bitcoin it is a decentralized payment protocol based on blockchain technology. But unlike Bitcoin, it has a strong focus on ease-of-use for everyone. Nimiq is installation-free and runs right inside your Browser without the need for trusted intermediaries. Account managing apps (Wallets) can sync and execute transactions within seconds.

While striving for ease-of-use, Nimiq adheres to state-of-the-art security as its architects are cyber security experts.

Learn more about Ledger Nano S — The most secure way to access crypto funds

Combining ease-of use with highest levels of security, it was important for Nimiq to integrate with and feature an official Ledger Nimiq app for the popular Ledger hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is now the most secure and user-friendly way of storing your NIM. With the Ledger Nano S, control of your funds is encrypted and stored on a hardware wallet instead of your computer.

Learn more about the Promotion

To celebrate the first months of successful operation of the Nimiq Blockchain and the release of the official Ledger Nimiq app, Nimiq is giving away Special Edition Ledger Nano S hardware wallets. Enter for your chance to win one by sending NIM to new users via this app.


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How to win a Ledger Nano S

Send Cashlinks containing NIM to new users via email or any messenger you like (WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.).

With Nimiq Cashlinks you can easily send NIM to your friends without exchanging addresses beforehand. You can send them this special link via email or any messenger you like. For every friend that enters the promotion using one of your Cashlinks you get a ticket. The more tickets you have, the bigger your chance to win a Limited Edition Ledger Nano S (Nimiq-branded)! You will also get more tickets if you send higher amounts of NIM.

Full Rules & Disclaimer

  • You need to register for this promotion by entering your email address where you will be notified if you win.
  • Create Cashlinks with your NIM at and send to new recipients via email or direct messaging of your choice.
  • The recipients of your Cashlinks must successfully redeem the Cashlink (= accept and receive NIM into her Nimiq account) AND register for the promotion via this Cashlink. The newly registered recipient also receives one ticket for successfully redeeming this Cashlink.
  • Ticket count granted to registered sender per Cashlink per newly registered redeeming recipient:
    • 1 ticket for 0.1-9.x NIM
    • 2 tickets for 10-99.x NIM
    • 3 tickets for 100-999.x NIM
    • 4 tickets for 1’000-4’999.x NIM
    • 5 tickets for 5’000-10’000 NIM
  • Tickets are granted for up to 25 Cashlinks (up to 125 tickets per participant if all Cashlinks 5k-10k NIM).
  • Each participant can win a maximum of one Ledger. This first promotion targets giving away one Ledger for every 100 newly registered recipients, up to 50 Ledgers.
  • Participation period is August 14 to September 14 2018.

Winners will be drawn randomly from a pool of all valid tickets.


Nimiq reserves the right to manually verify winners, to remove suspicious participants (to protect our participants from fraud, bots, and scams), and to publish the first names of all winners. Tickets have no FIAT- or cryptocurrency value and are not transferable.

By participating you agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. All references to Nimiq are meant to refer to Nimiq Network Ltd. All rights reserved.

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